Updates 4/14/21


  • Ambassador Program
  • Task Program
  • Snapshot Proposal Passed
  • First WLD Buyback
  • Twitter Spaces / IG Live
  • Wolf Certification Requests Opened
  • Partnership / Collaboration Requests Opened
  • Purchasing WLD

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Ambassador Program

WLD Ambassadors are passionate WLD community members that support the WLD ecosystem in various ways. These individuals are more than just WLD holders. They are fun-loving active members who are driven to help the community grow and continue the expansion of the WLD ecosystem.

As an ambassador, the more passionate you are, the more recognition you will get. From exclusive swag, to direct communication with us, exclusive networking opportunities, early access to features, discounts and gifts from us. This is a way for us to show our support to or “sponsor” our most passionate and contributing community members.We wish to recognize them for what they do and the value that they bring to the WLD community and ecosystem.

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, then you can read a little bit more and fill out an application using the link below.


Task Program

Along with the ambassador program we’re going to be starting another program where community members can be entered into giveaways by completing tasks throughout a two week period. Things like posting, commenting, participating in things, etc. If a person completes all of the tasks throughout that period, then they’ll be entered into the giveaway. We will be releasing more information on it when we officially start the program.

Snapshot Proposal Passed

The DAO now has a space on Snapshot (Polygon). Snapshot is a decentralized voting system that many projects and DAOs use for off-chain voting. Creating proposals and voting on Snapshot is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain. To join the space and vote on proposals in the future, please visit the space at https://snapshot.org/#/wlitidao.eth

There was a proposal on the DAO’s Snapshot page that when passed, it would take half of the revenue from secondary NFT sales and use it for buying back WLD. It has now been passed and buybacks have started.


First WLD Buyback

Since the snapshot vote was passed to allocate funds to buying back WLD, the DAO just did its first buyback of 388k WLD. So 388k WLD is now officially owned by the DAO’s treasury and is out of circulation. You can view the DAO’s treasury wallet using the link below.


Twitter Spaces / IG Live

Wolf Certification Requests Opened

wLiti DAO’s “Wolf Certification” is offering operational due diligence, auditing, smart contract auditing, scam prevention, insurance services, and more to startup (crypto) projects. To do this, the DAO is utilizing services from or partnering up with vendors that specialize in the investigation, due diligence, cybersecurity, and KYC / AML industries. Many of us in the DAO have been dissatisfied with the work, lack of transparency, lack of useful information, etc that the vast majority of crypto auditing companies provide to their clients and those that are taking on the risk of investing into the projects that they have audited. This dissatisfaction has been a major motivator for the DAO to create its own auditing service that is extremely thorough and comprehensive by factoring in more than just the smart contract code of a project. These comprehensive audits can be used in conjunction with other DAO services, such as the insurance service. The revenue generated from these services will go to the DAO’s treasury. From the DAO’s treasury, the funds can be used for paying the DAO’s expenses, reinvesting, acquiring other assets, or paying out distributions to all of the DAO members (aka $WLD holders).

One of these vendors being Athena Intelligence, a Geneva and Shanghai based company that is made up of several former bankers, journalists, lawyers, accountants, and government employees. Athena is a global consultancy firm that specializes in due diligence, investigations, cybersecurity, and crisis management. They provide high quality intelligence and risk management services to multinationals and ultra high net worth individuals. Therefore, we have chosen them to assist with auditing and investigating.

You can view sample due diligence reports that one of the DAO’s due diligence vendors did on Crypto.com and Shiba Inu using the link below


If you are interested in potentially having a Wolf Certification for your company, organization, or project, then please fill out the form below. Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible (team member names, documentation like your whitepaper, all of your links, etc). After you submit a request, we will reach out to you regarding your submission and send you more information on Wolf Certifications.


Partnership / Collaboration Requests Opened

We have created a form for those who want to do a partnership / collaboration with the DAO. If you are interested in doing one, then you can fill out the form using the link below


Purchasing WLD

To purchase more WLD, please visit https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa936e1f747d14fc30d08272d065c8aef4ab7f810 on the Polygon network and use USDC, MATIC, ETH, etc to swap for it.



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